A. Fisher & Associates

Offering reliable debt advice that helps Canadians regain control of their finances.

Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Founded by Andy Fisher, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, in 2020, A. Fisher & Associates brings a new, forward-thinking approach to helping Canadians eliminate debt.

Our commitment to our clients is simple; to offer reliable debt advice that helps Canadians regain control of their finances.

We appreciate that talking about money problems isn’t always easy. But we are on hand to guide you through the insolvency process to find a solution that best suits your circumstances, free of judgement and hassle.

Andy Fisher of A. Fisher & Associates - Licensed Insolvency Trustee in North York

A word from our founder

“I’ve been helping Canadians deal with their financial struggles since I started working at my dad’s insolvency firm in 1994. Since then, I took over my dad’s practice, sold it and became a partner at a large firm.”

“I decided to open A. Fisher & Associates because I felt there was a need to do things differently. We put you first. Everything we do focuses on making the process of eliminating your debt as painless and convenient as possible.”

Andy Fisher, Licensed Insolvency Trustee and founder of A. Fisher & Associates

Experience you can trust

A Fisher & Associates Inc. may be a new firm, but our experience dates back decades. The Federal Government has approved Andy to act as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee; he has over 26 years of industry experience.

The A. Fisher & Associates Inc. team has over 100 years of combined experience helping people manage their debts. We’ve helped thousands of people regain control of their finances and live free of the worry of their debt weighing on their shoulders.

Our Mission

Compassion is in our nature at A Fisher & Associates Inc. We appreciate that talking about financial problems isn’t easy. That’s why we always put the needs of clients first.

Debt happens to people from all walks of life, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we’re committed to finding the right solution for you – even if that means referring you to someone else.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple – to provide honest, reliable, and straightforward advice. We understand the impact living with debt can have on day-to-day life. That’s why empathy is at the heart of our business. The ability to understand how our clients are feeling and how to find solutions that help alleviate their stress is integral to how we operate. We connect with people on a deeper level that offers peace of mind to those who need our support.

Our Commitment

We are licensed by the federal government to act as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Only a firm like A. Fisher & Associates has been given the power by the parliament of Canada to eliminate debt through a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy. Providing a professional service is of the utmost importance to us. We arm our clients with the knowledge and advice they need to make an informed decision on the best debt solution for their needs. This is vital and something we’re committed to ensuring for every client.

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