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Together we can eliminate your debts and your stress!

  • Reduce your debts without bankruptcy
  • Zero Upfront Fees
  • Licenced and regulated professionals
  • Stop Collection Calls & Wage Garnishment

Why us ?

A. Fisher & Associates Inc. helps Canadians get a fresh start by becoming debt free. As Licensed Insolvency Trustees we are licensed and regulated by the government of Canada. We offer no obligation free initial consultations to explain all options available to eliminate your debt, including a consumer proposals and personal bankruptcy.

How we can help

Our Licenced Insolvency Trustees can help with the following:

Consumer Proposals

A legally binding agreement between you and your creditors that allows you to pay a portion of your debts, often as little as 30%, through a single, manageable, monthly payment.


A legal process that eliminates your debts while giving you protection from your creditors.

Debt Relief

There are many debt relief options available to help Canadian’s who are struggling financially; we’ll review them all.

Our Process


Our dedicated team of Debt Solution Advisors and Licensed Trustees will then work with you find the best solution for your unique situation.



Together we will implement a solution that’s right for you.


Debts We Can Help With

What People Say About Us

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"Wonderful company, honest and reliable. Product we ordered was nice. We will purchase again in the near future."
Albert Dera


"Wonderful company, honest and reliable. Product we ordered was nice. We will purchase again in the near future."
Barbara Salinas


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